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Addicted? Suboxone may be the Answer. Treating the Rhode Island and Massachusetts Areas

Jan 20, 2012   //   by Shawna Figueira   //   Blog, East Providence, Lincoln, Rhode Island, Marriage, Mental Health, News, Uncategorized, cranston  //  No Comments

Anchor Counseling Center is offering medication assisted treatment for Opioid dependency.  Opioid dependency is an addiction to heroin or prescription painkillers such as Vicodin, Percocet and Oxycontin.   Opioid dependency is a very serious condition affecting millions of people across the country.  Dependency is categorized by the DSM-IV as having 3 or more of the following 6 characteristics present:

  • 1. A strong desire or sense of compulsion to take the drug;
  • 2. Difficulties in controlling drug-taking behavior in terms of its onset, termination, or levels of use;
  • 3. A physiological withdrawal state when drug use is stopped or reduced, as evidenced by: the characteristic withdrawal syndrome for the substance; or use of the same (or a closely related) substance with the intention of relieving or avoiding withdrawal symptoms;
  • 4. Evidence of tolerance, such that increased doses of the drug are required in order to achieve effects originally produced by lower doses;
  • 5. Progressive neglect of alternative pleasures or interests because of drug use, increased amount of time necessary to obtain or take the drug or to recover from its effects;
  • 6. Persisting with drug use despite clear evidence of overtly harmful consequences, such as harm to the liver, depressive mood states or impairment of cognitive functioning

The World Health Organization recognizes opiate dependency as a brain disease and it can be treated with Suboxone.  Suboxone is medication in a pill or film form available by prescription and administered by specially trained physicians.  Suboxone, combined with counseling, is effective in treating the opiate dependency and allowing individuals to live productive lives without the cravings or negative consequences of drug addiction, and physical and emotional withdrawal from the opiates.  An outpatient Suboxone clinic allows you to maintain privacy and dignity while receiving safe and supportive treatment by a Suboxone certified physician and qualified counselors.

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