April Lau, LMHC

April is passionate about helping people to identify problematic thoughts and behaviors that interfere with their mood, their relationships, their self esteem, or their work.  She works with teens and adults in individual therapy and couples therapy.

April loves helping people to learn to be more assertive: stand up for yourself without walking on others.  Self esteem, anger reduction, depression, and anxiety are her other specialties.  She is justice oriented, desiring to help reduce the impact bias and discrimination have in clients’ lives and seeks to reduce barriers to clients reaching their goals.

If you are willing to talk about your thoughts and feelings in session and do a little work outside of sessions, consider scheduling an appointment with April.  If you are nervous or unsure, schedule one anyway as she can help you work through that anxiety or uncertainty.  Working with April is a partnership and she can help you meet your goals.

“I have been working with clients for ten years in individual, group, and couples therapy in a variety of settings and can’t wait to work with you.” ~ April


Masters in Mental Health Counseling University of Massachusetts, Boston 2008

Certificate in Cognitive Behavioral Interventions Boston University,

School of Social Work 2011

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