Human suffering and the Journey to The Other Side

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A Whisper of Light

By: Aryssa Washington

To where is escape but after the dive—a liberating plunge

I may find it, or an abyss of nothingness

Face over the edge—barely breathing

Or should I hold it in forever?

Until breaking past the first cold sweep of water shivering over my body, pushing me deeper into the dark

The murky puddle remains expansive to my sight

My toes lurk at the edge in anticipatory trepidation, tipping and teetering toward the damp darkness as one lonely droplet scantily clad in ache, sears a path into icy cold bleakness

Down towards the plunge

Into the dark, out of the light

Out of the dark, into the light

I know not the escape.

A wavering shape, she stares back at me mirrored in the murky pools

Heated eyes, pelt livid drops of rain lightly across the shimmering abyss

Stretched and taut, I poise my body firmly for flight

I let my feet leave the sturdy form of concrete, diving in

An inferno of blazing anger and fight crash into the stark impact of cool, ice swarming to attack the invading heat

The fire-lit scar indolently marking my life draws out the light

Mouth formed to scream the words, hands itching to gouge free, digging deep, tearing it apart to burn by the drop, by the dive, to melt away in the dark.

Uttering a shriek I break in, seeping into the darkest chasm

Dismal lights fade, giving way to the waves of deeper ocean, a different sea

The tears and pain once searching, relax into a calming ebb and flow

The last flickering blaze burning out, melding into icy cold waves

Towing and tugging me willingly to the cold pillow lit to drench my rest in serenity

I see her, standing over me, before she dives, after the dream—liberated from a sleeping image, replaced by her, by me.

My minds whisper a lit by the wish that tranquility remain.

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