Discovering Anxiety: Are we trapped?

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From an existential standpoint, humans are often plagued with anxiety when they discover the inescapable truths about life. Often times we feel trapped by the things we can’t change or the things we must go through to end up in a different position. The questions is, are these anxious feelings the problem or is it our chosen way of being in the world that makes it a problem?


By: Aryssa Washington

Trapped in fragile transparency, the echo of my image blemished by apathy

The single last glint, a streaking spark of a fading sun,

lain unseen.

Sneaking stillness quickens in pace roving across a vast, bleak space of time,

leaving silence in its wake

consumed by darkness.

My hands and fingers in harried tremors grasp at everything—anything

This gravity of terror, a pressured panic preying on the single seeker

Am I nothing?

An edging horizon, a lone last flickering speck,

In trepidation, a shimmering glance of recognition—

I walk alone.

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