Dr. Marsha Lineham has Borderline Personality Disorder!

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I was completely taken back when I read this article.  Dr. Lineham for years has been the leader in the field in dealing with one of the most difficult mental health issues that presents in itself in any given practice all over the world: Borderline Personality Disorder.  She her self fought the years of self-abusive behaviors, including cutting and burning and had chronic suicidal ideations and attempts.

She spent over two years in a hospital and was considered to be one of the most difficult patients to manage.  After a diagnosis of Schizophrenia and treatments of anti-psychotic and shock treatment, she still did not feel much better.

Dr. Lineham coined the term of Radical Acceptance which lead to the leading treatment of this Personality Disorder: DBT.  Accepting life as is and realizing the need for change.

Coming out she hopes that it will help people with the mental health disorder and bridge the gap of negativity that they are always attention seeking and in crisis.

Amazing.  Her skills do work!  I have used them with many patients not only those with Borderline Personality Disorder but for those who need to identify and regulate emotions.

Read the entire Article.

If you yourself believe you suffer from Borderline Personlity Disorder, please call us: 401.475.9979.  We have clinicians who specialize in treating the Disorder.

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