Psychological Testing: What is it?

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At Anchor Counseling we provide counseling and therapy, but we also provide psychological testing.  Psychological testing can mean many different things depending on what you are looking to answer.  Although it is an “assessment,” the validity of the outcome depends mostly on the accuracy of the people reporting the answers to the questions presented by the assessor.

There is no “fix all” with the test or assessment.  We often use these batteries of tests or assessments to help or assist in treating or educating the individuals.  Along with helping with a treatment plan, a 504, or even an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) some of these answers can also help prescribers with their assessment of the person.

There are a few different types of psychological testing.  There are achievement testing, IQ testing, Cognitive (Neuropsychological), Personality, and a host of other sub-categories that would be specific to the person being tested and what information is being saught.

We tend to ask for testing when there are questions in a clinical interview that is making an appropriate diagnostic profile difficult to understand.  We are usually looking for additional information that will help the person, family, and treaters come up with a comprehensive plan that will assist all involved.

It is much more difficult for a person to lie on a test as many of the tests are set up with questions that would “alarm” someone testing.  Also, the assessments are scientifically based.  The important thing to note is that sometimes the test does depend on the interpretation of the person given the assessment.

Psychological tests can often be of great assistance.  The fact that you are looking for a test means you are also looking to better understand a situation.  We are more than willing and available to assist in any which way we can.  A team approach always better than a one person answer to a very complex issue.

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