At Anchor Counseling we provide therapy for children.

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Counseling for children may vary in the approach we take depending on the issues at hand.  Every, child and family  have their own set of challenges that they may need help with.

Other variables taken into consideration are their age and their presentation.  For example the insight into the challenges, expressive issues, and personality.  At times the interventions may use similar type of approaches but each treatment modality can be completely different.

Many times the therapist may have do analyze the child’s behavior and work at the level the child is presenting.  Creating a strong bond that can be used as a therapuetic relationship is very important.

Evidence-based psychotherapy is backed by research and will be used depending on your child and his or her issues.  The other extremely important piece to the puzzle is the role of the primary care giver and community social supports that will be able to offered to this child.  A child does not get better alone.

We will work with the family and the child concurrently to encourage a better working relationship at home as well.  It is important that all adults in a child’s life is working together to achieve the same goal.  Our goal is to work with your child using techniques that are evidenced-based and provide you with the psycho-education needed to promote a healthy change in every-one’s life.

If you believe you or your child could benefit from counseling, feel free to contact us.  We will return your call within the same day.

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