e-therapy! New treatment choice for many!

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e-Therapy is considered a new type of psychotherapy.  It’s unique and could provide even more help to those that would not traditionally seek assistance or therapy in their lives.

With e-Therapy confidentiality and privacy is even more secure than face-to face counseling.  In 1999 U.S. Surgeon General’s report stated that most people with a history of mental health issues do not seek help.  With this unique approach to therapy, one may feel more comfortable talking or reaching out in their own comfort zone.

Here your home is provides you with the safety net you may need in order to feel comfortable.  The relationship between you and the therapist remains the most important piece of change.  With language this goal can still be obtained.  Communication still happens just via today’s growing world of technology.

It is not illegal.  e-therapy is considered a legitimate form of professional help.  There is no research results stating that online therapy does not help.  It helps as many would not get any help if not for today’s ability to communicate and build relationships via programs such as skype for instance.

This may not be the answer for you, but for those that would not traditionally leave their home due to not feeling comfortable or have limited access to get to an office this could be the answer your looking for.

I have included an article that was just recently written.  Please click here to read it.

At Anchor Counseling Center, we are offering e-therapy through skype.  Our skype number is anchor.counseling.  Please call the office at 475-9979 to schedule a e-therapy appointment.  At this point, the professional help is cash only.

If you would like to send us a quick email you can click here.

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